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Hurricane/PostTropicalStorm Sandy October 30, 2012

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Before Hurricane/cyclone Sandy even made landfall on the east coast of the U.S. her western edge had reached miles west of the Chicagoland area. The storm was reported to be about 1000 miles across earlier today.


Looking west at sunset we saw the western edge of Hurricane Sandy.

Less Expensive Socks March 29, 2012

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I found some cheap yarn at Hobby Lobby that I liked. They knit up really well.


Red Heart Heart & Sole with Aloe in Antique Rose. $5.29 per 50 g. Two balls are needed.

Made in Italy 70% superwash wool, 30% nylon.

Sewing from my stash. March 21, 2012

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A baby's receiving blanket.

This flannel fabric was too cute to cut up for a quilt, so it became a simple receiving blanket.

Gaudy fabric made into a clothes pin bag. No pattern, just grab a hanger and cut the fabric to fit. The hole is off center, oops, I eyeballed it. There are wooden clothes pins inside.

It takes a puppy on the first day of spring… March 20, 2012

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For me,  it takes a puppy to get outdoors in the rain and the mud to appreciate all the beauty of early spring.

Silly puppy.

Silly puppy.

Daffodils in bloom.

My beloved May's grave.

Wild hyacinth.


Pussy willow-like buds opened to these.

Lambs ears or Stachys byzantina coming up through last summer's debris.

Chives in the herb bed.

My first act of spring is to put out the bistro table and chair so I can have my morning coffee alfresco.

40th Iditarod Champion March 13, 2012

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Congratulations to Dallas Seavey, Iditarod champion 2012. Dallas and his team arrived in Nome this evening at 7:29 Alaska time and is the youngest musher to win. He turned 25 years old while on the trail. Congratulations to Dallas and his family.

We have a fine new puppy at our house. See next posting to meet Hannah. She would like to grow up to be a big girl and pull a sled!

Hannah March 13, 2012

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Our newest family member. She wants to pull a sled.

Traveling Without Needles November 16, 2010

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For those of you working on Christmas gifts who might be traveling by air: most airlines allow knitting and crochet needles of some kinds. It is at their discretion whether or not to confiscate your favorite rosewood needles. Having said that…

My girlfriend gifted me with this beautiful scarf. She crocheted it using JUST HER FINGERS and yarn. She does amazing things like that.  It was crocheted with double strands of worsted weight yarn, so it is dense and warm, not loopy.  I think she “sewed” the heart into the stitches with her fingers, too. I love it and I am wearing it indoors and out today. Thanks, Debs.

1 A.M. Easter Cookies March 31, 2010

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All Things Winter Part 2 will just have to wait. I FINALLY got into the spirit of spring, thanks to Easter and Holy Week.

My creative hours are between 8PM and 4AM. So I began baking cookies for Easter baskets at 9 PM and look what I had by 1 AM.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies




These are remarkably easy to make with the right tools. I ran out to buy disposable pastry bags, meringue powder and gel colors. The icing is Royal Icing, which should harden so I can pack and ship these to my guys. Everyone loves an Easter basket with homemade goodies.

Here are the recipes and detailed instructions that got me interested.

Buttery Sugar Cookies If you poke around the King Arthur website, you’ll come across some really great recipes.

LANCE MACKEY-4 time Iditarod champion March 16, 2010

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CONGRATULATIONS to Lance Mackey, the first musher to win four consecutive Iditarods. As I cooked dinner this evening, my husband kept refreshing the current standings list and finally announced, “Lance is in to Nome.”

I don’t know exactly why I am so moved by this race except that it is beyond my ability to imagine the sportsmanship, tenacity, preparation, sacrifice, devotion, training and focus one must have to even attempt it. It is 1150 miles of the most extreme terrain in the most extreme conditions, unimaginable to most of us. You should know, too, that the race is made possible by many volunteers. They all get themselves there at their own cost, and fill every type of position necessary from time keepers, reporters, cooks, pilots, dog handlers and pooper scoopers. The race will continue on for days yet until the last musher comes in to Nome and puts out the red lantern. Volunteers will continue in their capacity until the last driver makes it through their checkpoint or enters Nome. An incredible undertaking altogether!

Ironically, (and I am reluctant to even state this) when there is such an upbeat sports story, humankind story, dog story, volunteer story to report, I flipped through news stations and ESPNews to find them reporting on Tiger Woods, a man who had it all and blew it all, (that’s not how I stated it to my husband, but let’s keep this family friendly) and another star (deceased) whose name I refuse to even post in my blog who was possibly the most confused person on the face of this earth. These CELEBRITIES were the best news that even a sports station could come up with?  HOW SAD. Our culture is truly in a sorry state.

But, back to The Race. The 3 top runners are all in safely to Nome, all within 2 1/2 hours. Lance completed the race in less than 1 minute short of 9 days which puts him into another unique category of only two men to complete this race in less than 9 days. So, go to Iditarod.com and look at all the pretty dogs. Click on the right side bar that reads Images from the Trail.

Final sprint in the Iditarod & Kiss Winter Good-bye March 16, 2010

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My favorite sporting event of the year is about announce the 2010 champion. Lance Mackey has made his way from 49th starting position to leader of the pack. He is on his final sprint from Safety to Nome and I wish him good luck and blessings.

I have followed the Iditarod for the last 5 years on line and I am a lot disappointed in a few of the features which, once free, are now like Pay-per view TV. The videos and interviews along the trail and checkpoints were once available to anyone following on-line. A couple years ago, they added a GPS unit to the leaders’ sleds and I was able to watch their progress as a little line advanced along a map. Both of these features are now for paid subscribers only. The prices of being “An Insider” are not cheap either and are on the rise each year.

In lieu of these features, I check the Current Standing List and the News on their website. I have to check back regularly, today, for instance, to see when the 1st place musher (I’m cheering for you, Lance) actually enters Nome. And I will not be able to view the actual video at any time. I can look at still pictures after the fact. I could also order the 2010 race video for $25 or so, but it will be late summer by the time it is made available and, well, it’s old news by then. I will consider buying the historical documentary of the Iditarod when someone puts it on sale used on Amazon.

The only shame about a race like this is that, not unlike beautiful destinations that become popular, it is ruined for those who enjoyed the simpler times by raising prices on everything. I am 100% in favor of capitalism as a means to freedom and liberty and individualism, but this is just one of the undesirable effects it has. No system is perfect and oh, I have to stop talking or this will belong on my political blog.

ANYWAYS, join in the fun at Iditarod.com even if the race is over. There are some fabulous photos to view as well. History is being made by the top few contenders: learn about their previous wins and why this is about to become history. Have a good time and then you can kiss good-bye to winter, if you like.


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